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Safari in Uganda Murchison Falls

Off the chilly shores of Lake Albert, within the northwestern Albertine basin lies Murchison Falls National Park; the largest park in Uganda. It stretches for about 3,893 square kilometers from the nearby shores of Lake Albert, devouring the Victoria Nile in its wake to the popular Karuma falls further north.

Moreover, Murchison Falls National Park promises raw wildlife bliss to about four districts in the northwestern plains of Uganda; Buliisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo and Masindi owing to its unshakable beauty and the majestic Murchison Falls. Your Uganda safari Murchison Falls national park will serve to reassure you that it is quite the popular safari in Uganda Murchison Falls destination.

Also known as the Kabalega falls, the Murchison falls are a majestic drop of water occurring on the Victoria Nile within Murchison Falls National Park. The site is famous for its thunderous roar of large amounts of water (about 300cubic meters per second) gushing through a 7-meter gap between rocks before falling 43 meters into the river below.

Standing at about 43meters (141ft) high and 7m (23ft) wide, the Murchison falls were discovered by Europeans John Speke and James Grant while on their expedition in 1862. However, they were named after a geologist, Roderick Murchison by Sir Samuel Baker and his wife during an exploration trip to Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park is home to some elusive birding specials like the great blue Turaco, Denham’s Bustard and Shoe-billed stork among others.

The entire Murchison Falls Conservation Area along with the surrounding reserves is home to about 76 mammal species including some members of the Big 5 making it a worthy Murchison Falls National Park Uganda destination.

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Safari Activities in Murchison Falls

Renowned as the largest National park in Uganda, Murchison features multiple thrilling activities you shouldn’t miss on a Safari in Uganda. There are highlighted below.

Wildlife Game Drives

Murchison Falls National Park Uganda offers visitors an opportunity to explore the lush green of the park and its intriguing occupants through a series of guided game drives in a comfortable 4*4 wheel vehicle offering unobstructed views of the park and wildlife. The game drives are conducted at different time intervals to provide, each a different view of the park and the wildlife.

The tourists embark on a memorable Uganda safari Murchison falls National Park with their guide who points out animals and outstanding features for about two to four hours with a chance to spot 76 mammals including members of the Big 5. Visitors to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda can opt for either morning or late afternoon game drives.

Game drives are often carried out following trails like the Buligi Game Area, Waterfall and Nile delta trails and morning game drives are especially perfect for tracking following fresh trails and observing them as they exit their nests and go out to find food. This game drives often kick off early and you can enjoy animals like Hippos, Lions, Leopards, hyenas and several primates.

While on an afternoon Uganda Murchison Falls safari tours, tourists can expect to spot animals gathering around the Nile to quench their thirst amidst the scorching heat while crocodiles wait by the shores to grab a bite or two. On this drive, animals like Jackson hartebeests, Antelopes, Kobs, Giraffes, bushbucks and Warthogs are more common.

The Victoria Nile boat Cruise

Your safari in Uganda Murchison Falls brings with it an opportunity to explore Africa’s longest river, the River Nile. On its way to Lake Albert, river Nile flows from Lake Kyoga to Murchison falls National Park Uganda as the Victoria Nile where it falls off a 43-meter high cliff; forming the thunderous Murchison falls.

Murchison Falls Uganda offers a relaxing two-hour boat cruise on the Nile starting from the river’s banks to the base of Murchison Falls. The cruise offers the time of your life with a blend of the serene free-flowing river and a series of moderate and violent rapids as you navigate through the splendor of the Nile.

Arriving at the base of the Murchison Falls while on your Uganda safari Murchison falls National Park, you should best grab onto your wits lest you get blown away by the water’s roar. Most people when faced with the might of the Murchison falls Uganda and having to look at it close up find themselves awe-stricken. Your guide will bring you closer to the devil’s cauldron for further inspection.

As you make your way back to the river bank after your moment with the Murchison falls, remember to watch out for hippos, buffaloes and crocodiles lying about while waiting for their prey. Some birdlife is present at river banks as well. Boat cruises are often done in two phases; the afternoon phase and the late evening phase

Chimpanzee Trekking in Budongo forest

is not only the largest habitat for Chimpanzees in Uganda but it is also the largest Mahogany forest throughout East Africa. These two distinctive properties have earned it a soft spot in many tourist’ hearts thus making it a must-visit for a Murchison Falls National Park Uganda safari adventure.

This 115 kilometer stretch of Mahogany and ironwood trees is situated along the eventful drive to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda about 3 hours from the capital, Kampala. Budongo forest is a hiding place for various wildlife including Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes and about 9 primate species and the most popular being Chimpanzees.

The impressive wildlife biodiversity of the forest is supported by a network of streams and the main one being River Waiga. Between 24 mammal species, 360 bird species and 465 tree species. Budongo forest is a unique Gem while on your Murchison Falls Safari tours in Uganda, with unique observing points including Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro ecotourism sites.

Chimpanzee trekking happens to be one of the most sought after activity in Budongo forest. This is simply because the forest is one of the home to the largest population of Chimpanzees in Uganda. So while you plan a trip to Murchison Falls National Park make time to track down these intriguing primates and gain some enlightenment on how they live.

Without a doubt, Budongo forest is as equally enchanting as the Murchison Falls Uganda. This is simply because of its uncommon beauty, unique wildlife and endless natural charm. You will learn that it is still in this forest that you can find rare birds like the Yellow-footed Flycatcher and Illadopsis puveli that cannot be seen anywhere else in East Africa.

Hiking and Nature walk Adventures

Hiking and nature walks are quite a thrilling activity on your Murchison falls safari tours that you ought not to miss out on. Murchison Falls National Park gives you the chance to explore the park on your terms with their elusive guided hiking and nature walks package. Tourists are accompanied by a game ranger who will ensure they do not miss out on anything.

The Murchison falls trail is the commonest hiking trail that is undertaken by tourists on Uganda safari Murchison Falls National Park. The trail opens up at the base of the falls, at the baker point, where you get to put your physical fitness to the test by trekking through the lush green riverine forest to the top of the falls for a breathtaking yet humbling sight of nature and authentic bird life.

Alternatively, tourists can also opt to enjoy a swamp walk that leads through the open savannah plains of Murchison Falls National Park Uganda to the Nile delta. This trail promises the most views of wildlife as you will come across some animals in the plains and some water dwellers by the river banks like crocodiles, Monitor Lizards and the Shoebill Stork.

The Rabongo and Kaniyo Pabdi forest trails for a safari in Uganda Murchison Falls nature walk adventures are the perfect opportunities to enjoy a varied range of primate species like monkeys, bushbabies, Chimpanzees among others. While on this trail, you could plan a light Chimpanzee trek of your own to add some spice to your Murchison Falls tours.

Sport fishing in Kibiro

Off the southeastern shores of Lake Albert in western Uganda at the base of the rift valley, lies a small village, Kibiro, famous for sport fishing. Kibiro is strategically located within the Albert basin thus enjoying a fresh supply of a variety of fish like the Nile perch, catfish and tiger fish spinning off Lake Victoria through River Nile.

To fully enjoy your safari Uganda Murchison Falls fishing adventure, tourists are encouraged to carry their fishing equipment and also wear the appropriate fishing attire. The fishing spots can easily be accessed by boat on Lake Albert, by foot after some light hiking or using a 4*4 wheel vehicle.

Apart from fishing, Kibiro is famous for its rich salt deposits as a result of its location at the base of the rift valley. When visiting Murchison Falls National Park, tourists come here to watch women gather, process and sell salt. The salt production process is mainly carried out by the Banyoro women in an attempt to earn a living.

Salt in Kibiro village in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda is produced locally without major production equipment as you will observe. The water in the area is mainly salty so what the women need to do is only pour dry soil over the moist soil in the water channel and the result will be lumps of salt that are filtered and burnt to make salt crystals.

Additionally, while at Kibiro, you will realize that Murchison falls isn’t the only breathtaking water wonder in Uganda Murchison Falls National Park. In Kigorobyo Sub County, on the outskirts of Lake Albert, you will find an intriguing hot spring that shoots up extremely hot water of about 100 degrees Celsius before creating a stream that flows into Lake Albert.

Hot Air Balloon Experiences

Although Hot Air Balloon safaris and adventures are quite a new safari activity on the tourism scene in Uganda, it has captured the interest of many tourists on a Uganda safari Murchison Falls. Sadly, however, throughout the entire country, you can only enjoy a hot air balloon safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park at the moment.

Hot Air Balloon safaris are completely safe as they are carried out by Dream Balloons, a company that was certified by the Uganda civil Aviation Authority, NEMA, UWA and the Uganda Communications Commission. Also, both parks are large enough and offer plenty of mind blowing vistas for any one that embarks on a Hot Air Balloon safari.

Murchison Falls National Park is a natural Uganda wonder of its own and we guarantee a blissful moment as your guide points out animals and stunning features from 10,000 feet in the air. The experience often kicks off very early in the morning where tourists are briefed about the precautions to take before springing high up in the air.

After about an hour of enjoying an aerial view of the park, you proceed to receive your certificates and enjoy a bush safari in Uganda Murchison Falls breakfast with a bottle of Champagne. Tourists should note that only persons above 6 years of age are allowed to participate in the activity since it might be a bit frightening to children.

Your Murchison Falls Safari tour Hot Air Balloon experiences in the Park can be conducted in two phases; the morning Balloon safari so that tourists get to break with the day or evening Balloon safari where tourists get to enjoy the sunset.

Birding in the Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park Uganda is one of country’s top birding destinations mostly because it is home to about 451 bird species. The bird diversity in the park is comprised of endemic, rare, occasional and common bird species making it a definite “go-to” for a birder’s safari Uganda Murchison Falls birding adventure.There are several birding sites within Murchison Falls National Park and each provides for a unique and fun experience of its own. For example; along the river’s banks and the swampy areas expect to enjoy some birds while you cruise like the Shoebill stork, Grey-crowned crane, swamp flycatcher, Goliath Herons and Black-headed lapwings among others.

The pristine forests of Kaniyo Pabidi, Rabongo and Budongo in Murchison Falls National Park provide unique vistas of rare, endemic and eccentric birds like the yellow-footed flycatcher, Ituri batis, white thighed hornbill, Puvel’s Illaposis and Chocolate backed Kingfisher among others. Weavers, mousebirds and silver birds are more common in the Paraa region.

Other birds you can enjoy within Murchison Falls National Park Uganda include; blue Turaco, Black-billed Barbet, Malachite Kingfishers, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Denham’s Bustard, Dwarf Kingfisher, African Quail Finch, Black-bellied bustard, Marabou stork, Osprey, Veracious Dove, Rock Pratincole and long-tailed Nightjar among many other birds.

Boomu women’s group Cultural experience

Cultural safaris in Murchison Falls National Park are carried out at the Bomu cultural village to offer tourists a chance to enjoy an authentic day in the life of a Ugandan native. The Cultural experience is provided to tourists on their Murchison Falls Safari tours by the Boomu women’s group.

The Boomu women’s group was founded in 1999 to improve the livelihoods of the natives by providing employment and income-generating trades to women and their households. One of the missions of the centre is for each household to raise enough money to put their children through school and sustain their education.

The center is meant to help women support their families but it is jointly run by both men and women and thus; you are bound to find plenty of men working there as well to earn a living and support their families. The village also provides bandas for tourists who wish to spend the night while on this Boomu Cultural Village Experience.

Some activities carried out at the center include; arts and crafts, preparation of herbal medicine and special native cuisines and music, dance and drama sessions. You will have the chance to meet the locals, see how they grow and harvest their food and perhaps purchase some souvenirs as well.

Why Choose TravelMonke?

Travelmonke is a registered local operator in the ‘Pearl of Africa’ with 10 years of excellence in operating safari in Murchison falls National Park Uganda.

At Travelmonke, we prioritize unique eco-friendly tours aimed at offering back to local communities in Murchison falls National Park and other destinations to include; Kenya safaris, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Our multiple tailored tours are designed to fit all travelers interests from single to big groups with major emphasis on the finest hotels, amazing guides and good safari vehicles. Our service has proven excellent over the years as indicated by our safari travel reviews. Dont delay to reach our desk.

Booking a Murchison falls safari tours with us offers you an opportunity to travel in style enjoying the life-changing safari experiences on a fairly priced safari well designed and greatly fitted to your preference.

Our team includes professional tour guides, reservation agents and consultants. There are ready to make your dreams for a Uganda safari come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s and East Africa’s, at large, most prized wildlife safari destinations. Away from the noisy chaos of urban life, the park has been naturally hidden away from prying eyes within the wake of River Nile in northwestern Uganda covering the four districts of Buliisa, Nyowa, Kiryandongo and Masindi.

It is uniquely established off the shores of Lake Albert, within the outskirts of the northern Albertine Rift Valley. Murchison Falls National Park is defined by the Victoria Nile as it ravages through its open savannah plains from east to west before eventually cascading off a cliff to create the famous Murchison falls Uganda on its way to Lake Albert.

If you are eager to enjoy a safari in Uganda Murchison Falls but are anxious about getting there; do not be. Murchison Falls National Park can easily be accessed by road via the Kampala – Masindi road which takes about 4 and ½ hours to cover 282 kilometres. The Kampala – Hoima road is longer and takes about 5 and ½ hours to reach the park.

Alternatively, tourists can access Murchison Falls National Park by air by flying into the country to Entebbe International airport. From there, a local flight can be chartered to the Kajjansi airstrip and then to Chobe airstrip near the park. From here, our dedicated staff can pick you up to transfer you to the park entrance.

Murchison Falls National Park Uganda, also known locally as Kabalega National Park, is Uganda’s biggest National Park. It covers a total area of 3840 square kilometres (1483 square miles) and occupies four north western districts in Uganda; Buliisa, Nyowa, Kiryandongo and Masindi.

If your goal is to have a phenomenal Uganda safari Murchison falls national park wildlife escapade, look no further than Murchison Falls National Park as it is richly diverse in this area. There are about 451 bird species in the park with 23 Albertine rift endemics and rare birds like the yellow-footed flycatcher and Puvel’s Illaposis that you will not find elsewhere.

Murchison Falls National Park in conjunction with the neighboring wildlife reserves is home to about 73 animal species including four members of the Big Five except for Rhinos. The park is also home to ¾ of the world’s population of Rothschild’s Giraffes. Other animals include; Uganda kobs, Zebras, Warthogs and 9 primate species among others.

You must have the right gear and personal items to maximize the fun of your safari to Uganda Murchison Falls. First of all, you ought to have the proper documentation including a valid Visa, passport, yellow fever vaccination certificate and other necessary documents. Always ensure that you have all personal medications packed.

Other essentials on your Murchison falls safari holiday might include; safari clothes that are dull to blend in with the wildlife, long-sleeved clothes and trousers, comfortable hiking shoes, a backpack, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, sunscreen, camera, a pointer and a birder’s guide for tourists on a birding adventure. Personal sanitary products are also necessary.

Yes, it is possible to combine a Murchison Falls tour while in Uganda with other destinations and safari activities. The Falls are uniquely situated within reasonable proximity to other intriguing and popular Ugandan Safari sites like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kibaale Forest National Park among others.

Murchison Falls National Park offers a variety of accommodations to choose from after your Murchison falls tour ranging from budget facilities like Red Chilli camp at Murchison falls to mid-range cottages like Nile, Paraa, Simbaya and Chobe safari lodges ranging from USD 50 to USD 500.

For tourists that prefer a Uganda safari Murchison Falls national park experience, luxury accommodations like hotels are available. Some lodges like Paraa offer both midrange and luxury facilities. Irrespective of the budget of your safari, you will always find a comfortable place to rest at Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

Uganda is a warm country and therefore a great destination for safari all year round. However, there is still a most ideal time to enjoy a safari in Uganda Murchison Falls and this is in the dry seasons of December to mid-February and June to July. Birding can be most enjoyed during some moderate weather in April.


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